Waneta Dawn
    Waneta's better-than-Amazon, autograph fall and winter special
Hardcover:  $17.00  (includes shipping)
            Paperback    $10.00  (includes shipping)
        Bulk purchase of 5 or more paperback copies, $7.00 each
See option A below for mailing details.  

Since we are not set up to sell the book online, you have a few options on how to purchase Behind the Hedge:

Option A:   Send us a letter through snail mail with a check made out to Waneta Dawn.
$10.00  (in the continental United States).
 $17.00 (in the continental United States).
5 paperback copies to share or for your book club:  
10 paperback copies:  (save another $5.00!)  $65.00

Remember to request an autographed copy if you want one, and include who you want the
autograph addressed to.  Any supporting information would be helpful so I can include a personal note.

Mailing Address:

Waneta Dawn
P.O. Box 2433
Iowa City, IA  52244-2433

Option B:  Order through your local bookstore.   

Option C:   Click
Amazon.com to see Amazon's prices.  If you choose to look it up later,
your Search Keyword should be Waneta Dawn (It'll come up right away, compared to
'Behind the Hedge')

Option D:  Click
Behind the Hedge @ Christian Book Distributors

Option E:  If you want more of your money to go to me, the author, (instead of to huge
conglomerates) but you don't feel comfortable sending me a check, and are willing to
pay full price, you can order directly from
Xulon Press.
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