Waneta Dawn,
"I received your book yesterday in the mail!  Of course, I
immediately started reading -- I stayed up until 5 a.m. to finish it.  I
think it is EXCELLENT.
~Danni Moss, blog owner of "Because it Matters"

"Behind the Hedge is a novel worth reading!  It will  keep your
attention...a real eye-opener that every follower of Christ needs to
~Susan Greenfield,  author of Would the Real Church PLEASE Stand Up?   

“...a good read (with a completely surprise ending!)"
~Jocelyn Andersen,  author of Woman Submit! Christians and Domestic Violence

“…a competently written story.  ... "Behind the Hedge" shows a...
novelist discerning enough to probe deep behind human behavior
and brave enough to describe unflinchingly what she learns.”
--Jeff Charis-Carlson of the Iowa City Press-citizen  

"Waneta Dawn writes well about her subject. You'll feel the family's
pain...the punch line is landed with such authority."  
~Professor Donald Mitchell, Ranked #7 in Amazon's Classic Reviewer category
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First place in Christian Fiction
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"A page turner for those trapped by
unbiblical views of headship and submission"
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Running a dairy farm, caring
for 3 children and a
demanding husband, Yvette
Miller's focus is on survival.
Until comments from her
mother and from her friend
Delores make her stop and
take a look at the monster
taking over her life. She has
to do something. Her children
have already been damaged,
and the growing monster will
destroy them if she doesn't
stop it. But what can she do?
There are no easy solutions.
Especially when
her choices
are limited because
she is a
Christian woman whose faith
her to turn the other
cheek, to return good for evil,
to suffer rather than retaliate,
and to submit to
her husband
even when
she knows he is
ridiculous or wrong.

What does happen behind
that hedge?
© Waneta Dawn 2007-2011                     Updated  March 21, 2011
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